About the Minutes

MAP5volThe Minutes and Papers of the Westminster Assembly 1643-1652 (5 vol.). Chad Van Dixhoorn ed. Oxford University Press, 2012.
“The story of the Westminster assembly’s accomplishments, as well as its failures, are told in the texts of this edition. The gathering left behind an extraordinary testimony of its reforming activities, and the manuscript minutes constitute one of the most important unpublished religious texts of seventeenth-century Britain. All surviving votes and debates of the assembly are provided here for the first time. This edition documents almost 2,000 examinations of preachers for churches, fellows for colleges, and heretics for heresy. It also includes all known assembly papers, many of them only recently discovered. These texts reveal much of the assembly’s work behind the scenes, and explain how the gathering could at once serve as an icon of godly rule, producing classic texts in the history of Christian doctrine and practice, while simultaneously becoming entangled in prolonged debates and the ‘democratic anarchy’ which characterized the British Revolution” OUP. Read more about the scope and background of this pivotal resource.


Where to obtain the Minutes and Papers of the Westminster Assembly

For scholars needing access to the 5 vol OUP edition of the Minutes and Papers of the Westminster Assembly this is a current list of libraries.

Note that specialized multivolume scholarly editions are quite expensive works to produce.



  • The 19th century partial edition of the third volume of the Minutes (1874) is available online archivelogoAdobe-PDF-Document-icon