About the Westminster Assembly Project Facsimile Series

The Westminster Assembly Facsimile Series is a research tool designed to promote scholarship of the Westminster Assembly by providing reliable reproductions of early printed works by the Assembly and its members. Although the Assembly’s tenure was brief and its productive years limited to the period 1643 through 1648, the lives of its nearly 70 members encompassed an entire century from the 1580’s to the 1680’s, including the important years bracketing the English Civil War.

During their careers, the men who comprised the Westminster Assembly published over fifteen hundred sermons, treatises, commentaries and other assorted writings. Collectively, this cross-section of theologians and their works affords a unique vantage into a complex era; of particular interest are the 1640’s, a religiously and politically volatile decade when nearly seven hundred works were published. Although nineteenth and twentieth century reprints of select titles are readily available, their academic usefulness is often limited by a generally narrow subject focus and extensive textual editing.
The Series serves as an auxiliary resource for scholars, students, and general readers who require access to original texts, but lack access to proprietary databases such as Early English Books Online. Unique to The Series is the availability of all digitized facsimiles in traditional soft and hardcover formats for ease of reference. All works are reproduced with a minimum of digital manipulation; as a result, the text image may at times vary in quality and legibility.

All volumes in The Series are from private libraries and institutions who have graciously permitted the Westminster Assembly Project to digitize their relevant texts. Continued growth of The Series relies on an expanding partnership of private scholars and academic institutions to provide an extensive and comprehensive library database.