WAP Facsimiles

Arrowsmith, John

Ashe, Simeon

  • Gray hayres crowned with grace. A sermon preached at Redriff, Aug. 1. 1654. at the funerall of that reverend, eminently learned and faithfull minister of Jesus Christ Mr Thomas Gataker. free pdf edition bibliographical info

Burges, Cornelius

Burgess, Anthony

Calamy, Edmund

  • An indictment against England because of her selfe-murdering divisions: together vvith an exhortation to an England-preserving vnity and concord. free pdf edition bibliographical info

Case, Thomas

Cawdrey, Daniel; Palmer, Herbert

Featley, Daniel

Foxcroft, John

  • The good of a good government, and well grounded peace. Opened in a sermon preached before the Honourable House of Commons, In Margarets Church at Westminster, December, 31. 1645. being the day of their monethly fast. By Iohn Foxcroft, one of the members of the Assembly of Divines.
    free pdf edition bibliographical info

Gataker, Thomas

  • Gods eye on his Israel. Or, A passage of Balaam, out of Numb. 23.21. Containing matter very seasonable and suitable to the times; expounded and cleared from Antinomian abuse; with application to the present estate of things with us.free pdf edition bibliographical info

Gouge, William

Gower, Stanley

  • Things now-a-doing: or, The churches travaile of the child of reformation now-a-bearing. In a sermon preached before the honourable House of Commons free pdf edition bibliographical info

Harris, Robert

Lightfoot, John

Strong, William