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’The Unchanged Peacemaker’? John Dury and the politics of Irenicism in England, 1628-1643 by Milton, Anthony (Studies of Westminster Divines)
“‘They agree not in opinion among themselves’: Two-kingdoms theory,‘Erastianism’and the Westminster assembly debate on church and state, c. 1641–48. by Vernon, Elliot (WA)
“For reformation and uniformity”: George Gillespie (1613-1648) and the Scottish Covenanter Revolution by Culberson, James Kevin (Biography)
“God’s way of salvation”: an exposition of Westminster Shorter Catechism questions and answers 1-38 by Prutow, Dennis James (WSC)
“Not otherwise worthy to be named, but as a firebrand from Ireland to inflame this Kingdom”: the political and cultural milieu of Sir John Clotworthy during the Stuart Civil Wars by Robinson, Andrew (Biography)
“Reformation and desolation:” the career of Stephen Marshall (1594-1655) by Cain, A. R. (Biography)
“Spirituall musick”: the model of divine harmony in the work of Peter Sterry (1613-1672) by Dixon, Tom (Biography)
“The Law Written in Their Hearts”?: Rutherford and Locke on Nature, Government and Resistance by Richards, Peter Judson (Studies of Westminster Divines)
“The Lord Hath Some Controversy with England”: The Westminster Assembly and the English Civil War by Farris, Michael (WA)
“To revive the memory of some excellent men”: Edmund Calamy and the early historians of nonconformity: Friends of Dr. William’s Library fiftieth lecture by Wykes, David L. (Biography)
“How far is the Westminster Assembly of Divines an expression of seventeenth-century Anglican Theology?” by Dewar, Michael W. (WA)
“How Firm a Foundation” and the Westminster Confession of Faith by Oliphint, K. Scott (WCF)
“Jacob and Esau strugling [sic] in the wombe” a study of Presbyterian and independent religious conflicts, 1640-1648: with particular reference to the Westminster Assembly and the pamphlet literature. by Bradley, Rosemary D. (WA)
“Ought the Confession of Faith to be Revised.” A series of papers by J. DeWitt, H. J. VanDike, B. B. Warfield, W. G. T. Shed by Warfield, B. B. (WCF)
“Reforming the Reformation: theological debate at the Westminster Assembly 1642-1652.” 7 vols. by Van Dixhoorn, Chad B. (WA)
“Shall We Revise the Confession of Faith?” An Address to the Presbytery of New Brunswick by Warfield, B. B. (WCF)
“The Significance of the Westminster Standards as a Creed.” An Address Delivered before the Presbytery of New York by Warfield, B. B. (WCF)
“The Status of the Westminster Doctrine of Predestination in Contemporary America Presbyterian Theology” [Bowen Lecture 4, 1980]. by Cumberland Seminary, (WA)
“Thomas Goodwin – mystic?” In Diversities of gifts by Cook, Paul E. G. (Biography)
[Sound words] the catechism of the Westminster Assembly by Clifford, John (WSC)