Primary Sources ~ Parliament

The purifying of unclean hearts and hands. Opened in a sermon preached before the honourable House of Commons (1646) by Richard Vines
The reformation of the church to be endeavoured more then that of the common-wealth (1645) by Anthony Burgess
The right honourable the Lord Kimbolton his speech in Parliament, Ian. 3. 1641 (1642) by Edward Montagu
The right separation incouraged (1645) by Thomas Hill
The right vnderstanding of the times: opened in a sermon preached to the Honorable House of Commons, December 30. 1646. (1647) by Stephen Marshall
The right vvay: or A direction for obtaining good successe in a weighty enterprise (1648) by William Gouge
The root of apostacy, and the fountain of true fortitude (1644) by Thomas Case
The ruine of the authors and fomentors of civill vvarres (1645) by Samuel Gibson
The saints hiding-place in the time of Gods anger (1647) by William Bridge
The saints support (1642) by William Gouge
The saints thankfull acclamation at Christs resumption of his great power and the initials of his kingdome (1644) by Joseph Caryl
The season for Englands selfe-reflection, and advancing temple-work (1644) by Thomas Hill
The second sermon, preached to the Honourable House of Commons, April 30. 1645 (1645) by Cornelius Burges
The sinne of hardnesse of heart: the nature, danger, and remedy of it (1648) by Stephen Marshall
The song of Moses the servant of God, and the song of the Lambe (1643) by Stephen Marshall
The speech and plea of Archibald Marquesse of Argyle to the Parliament of Scotland at Edinburgh on the 5 (1661) by Archibald Campbell
The speech of His Grace, the Duke of Lauderdale, His Majesties High-Commissioner from the kingdom of Scotland, to the Parliament there, the twelfth of November, 1673 (1673) by John Maitland
The speech of His Grace, the Earle of Lauderdale, His Majesties High-commissioner for the Parliament of Scotland delivered in Parliament the nineteenth day of October, 1669 (1669) by John Maitland
The speech of the Right Honorable Edward Earl of Manchester, lord chamberlaine of His Majestie’s houshold, delivered at the Guild-hall London, on Thursday, being the first day of Dec. 1664 (1664) by Edward Montagu
The speech of the Right Honourable the Lord Fiennes, Commissioner of the Great Seal; made before His Highness and both Houses of Parliament, on Wednesday the 20th of January, 1657 (1658) by Nathaniel Fiennes