Primary Sources ~ Stephen Marshall

Meroz cursed, or, A sermon preached to the honourable House of Commons (1641) by Stephen Marshall
New propositions propounded at the Kings royall court at Holmby, betwixt the Kings Most Excellent Majesty, and Mr. Marshall and Mr. Caryll concerning the presbyteriall government, the Booke of Common-Prayer, and the directory (1647) by Stephen Marshall
Reformation and desolation: or, A sermon tending to the discovery of the symptomes of a people to whom God will by no meanes be reconciled (1642) by Stephen Marshall
The power of the civil magistrate in matters of religion vindicated (1657) by Stephen Marshall
The right vnderstanding of the times: opened in a sermon preached to the Honorable House of Commons, December 30. 1646. (1647) by Stephen Marshall
The sinne of hardnesse of heart: the nature, danger, and remedy of it (1648) by Stephen Marshall
The song of Moses the servant of God, and the song of the Lambe (1643) by Stephen Marshall
The strong helper or, The interest, and power of the prayers of the destitute, for the building up of Sion (1645) by Stephen Marshall
The true copy of the letter which was sent from divers ministers by Mr. Marshall, and Mr. Nye to the Generall Assembly of Scotland (1643) by Stephen Marshall
The works of Mr Stephen Marshall (1661) by Stephen Marshall
Threnodia. The churches lamentation for the good man his losse (1644) by Stephen Marshall
Two speeches spoken at a common hall, Octob. 27. 1643. 1. By Sir Henry Vane. 2. By Master Marshall (1643) by Stephen Marshall