Primary Sources ~ Letter

A brief letter from a young Oxonian to one of his late fellow-pupils upon the subject of magnetism (1697) by John Wallis
A copy of a letter written by Mr Stephen Marshall to a friend of his in the city (1643) by Stephen Marshall
A copy of Mr. John Duries letter presented in Sweden to the truly noble and religious Lord Forbes (1643) by John Dury
A debate concerning the English liturgy, both as established in & as abolished out of the worship of God (1656) by John Ley
A defence of the Royal Society, and the Philosophical transactions, particularly those of July, 1670. (1678) by John Wallis
A defense of infant-baptism (1697) by John Wallis
A fifth letter, concerning the sacred Trinity (1691) by John Wallis
A fourth letter, concerning the sacred Trinity (1691) by John Wallis
A letter (against the erection of an altar.) (1641) by John Ley
A letter from Mr. Marshall, and Mr. Nye, appointed assistants to the commissioners of Scotland (1643) by Stephen Marshall
A letter from Sir Arthur Haselrigge in Portsmouth to an honourable member of the late Parliament (1659) by Arthur Hesilrige
A letter from Sir Arthur Hesilrige, to the honorable committee of the Councel of State for Irish and Scotish affairs at White-Hall, concerning the Scots prisoners (1650) by Arthur Hesilrige
A letter from Sir Henry Vane to Sir Arthur Hasilrig (1660) by Henry Vane, Jr.
A letter from the Marques of Argile and Sir William Armyn, in the name of themselves and their confederates, to Sir Thomas Glemham (1643) by Archibald Campbell
A letter of many ministers in old England, requesting the judgement of their reverend brethren in New England concerning nine positions (1643) by William Rathband
A letter of resolution to six quæres (1653) by Henry Hammond
A letter sent from a vvorthy divine, to the Right Honovrable the Lord Maior of the City of London (1642) by Adoniram Byfield
A letter sent from Mr. Sergeant Wilde, and Humphrey Salwey, Esq; both Members of the House of Commons, to the Honorable, William Lentall Esquior [sic], Speaker of the House of Commons; concerning divers passages at the quarter sessions in Worcester, about the execution o the commission of array, and the ordinance of the militia (1642) by John Wilde
A letter sent from the marquess of Argyle to the King of Scots (1652) by Archibald Campbell
A letter sent from the Right Honorable, Robert, Earl of Warwick, Admirall of the sea, to M. John Pym, Esq (1642) by Robert Rich