Primary Sources ~ Sermon

The worm that dyeth not, or Hell torments in the certainty and eternity of them plainly discovered in several sermons (1672) by William Strong
Theological discourses and sermons on several occasions (1692) by John Wallis
Theological discourses containing VIII letters and III sermons (1692) by John Wallis
Things now-a-doing: or, The churches travaile of the child of reformation now-a-bearing (1644) by Stanley Gower
Three decades of sermons (1660) by Henry Wilkinson, Jr.
Three sermons concerning the sacred Trinity (1691) by John Wallis
Three sermons preached at Sherborne in Dorsetshire (1654) by William Lyford
Three sermons preached at the Collegiate Church in Manchester by Richard Heyricke. (1641) by Richard Heyrick
Three sermons: viz: 1. A commission for an assise, granted to the saints. 2. A close hypocrite discovered. 3. The lawfulnesse of doing good out of hope of reward (1641) by Daniel Cawdrey
Three treatises of The vanity of the creature (1631) by Edward Reynolds
Threnodia. The churches lamentation for the good man his losse (1644) by Stephen Marshall
Threnoikos. : The house of mourning; furnished with directions for, preparations to, meditations of consolations at the houre of death (1640) by Daniel Featley
True gain; opened in a sermon preached at Pauls, Nov. 9. 1656 (1657) by Edward Reynolds
True religion in the old way of piety and charity (1645) by Robert Harris
Truth and love happily married in the saints, and in the churches of Christ the contract drawn (148) by Thomas Hill
Tvvo mariage sermons: the former on Prov. 19. 14. (1620) by Thomas Gataker
Tvvo sermons (1628) by Robert Harris
Tvvo sermons preached to the Honorable House of Commons…Novem. 17. 1640 (1641) by Cornelius Burges
Twelve several books of Mr. William Bridge (1654) by William Bridge
Twenty five sermons (1664) by Ralph Brownrig