Primary Sources ~ Speech

Mr. Rouse his speech before the Lords at the transmission of Dr. Cossens March 16. 1640. (1641) by Francis Rous
Mr. Rowse his speech made in the lower House of Parliament the thirtieth of December, 1641 (1642) by Francis Rous
Mr. St.-Iohn’s speech to the Lords in the Vpper House of Parliament Ianuary 7, 1640. Concerning ship-money (1641) by Oliver St. John
Mr. VVhites speech in Parliament on Munday, the 17th. of January. Concerning the triall of the XII. bishops (1642) by John White
My Lord Marquis of Argyle his speech upon the scaffold, the 27 of May 1661 (1661) by Archibald Campbell
Severall speeches, spoken by the right honourable the Earle of Loudoun, Lord high Chancellor of Scotland (1646) by John Campbell
Sir Arthur Haselrigg his speech in Parliament, concerning the bill passed against plurality of livings (1641) by Arthur Hesilrige
Sir Arthur Haslerigg, his speech in Parliament. Whereby he cleareth himselfe of the articles of high treason exhibited against himselfe, the Lord Kimbolton, Mr. Iohn Pym, Mr. Hampden, Mr. Strowd, and Mr. Hollis, by his Majesty (1642) by Arthur Hesilrige
Sr. Henry Vane his speech in the House of Commons, at a committee for the bill against episcopall-government (1641) by Henry Vane, Jr.
The Lord Chancellor of Scotland his speech to the King in Newcastle concerning the propositions for peace, Jvly, 1646 (1646) by John Campbell
The Lord Lovvden his learned and wise speech in the Vpper House of Parliament in Scotland, September 9. 1641 (1641) by John Campbell
The Lord Marques of Argyle’s speech to a grand committee of both Houses of Parliament, the 25th of this instant June, 1646 (1646) by Archibald Campbell
The Marquesse of Argyle his speech concerning the King, the Covenant, and peace or warre betweene both kingdomes (1648) by Archibald Campbell
The right honourable the Lord Kimbolton his speech in Parliament, Ian. 3. 1641 (1642) by Edward Montagu
The speech and plea of Archibald Marquesse of Argyle to the Parliament of Scotland at Edinburgh on the 5 (1661) by Archibald Campbell
The speech of His Grace, the Duke of Lauderdale, His Majesties High-Commissioner from the kingdom of Scotland, to the Parliament there, the twelfth of November, 1673 (1673) by John Maitland
The speech of His Grace, the Earle of Lauderdale, His Majesties High-commissioner for the Parliament of Scotland delivered in Parliament the nineteenth day of October, 1669 (1669) by John Maitland
The speech of Major John Harris at the place of execution, near St. Mary Axe, on Monday the third of September, 1660 (1660) by John Harris
The speech of the late Marquiss of Argyll upon the scaffold May 27· 1661 (1661) by Archibald Campbell
The speech of the Right Honorable Edward Earl of Manchester, lord chamberlaine of His Majestie’s houshold, delivered at the Guild-hall London, on Thursday, being the first day of Dec. 1664 (1664) by Edward Montagu