Gospel remission

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Gospel remission, or a treatise shewing, that true blessedness consists in pardon of sin. Wherein is discovered the many Gospel mysteries therein contained. glorious effects proceeding from it. great mistakes made about it. true signs and symptomes of it. way and means to obtain it. By Jeremiah Burroughs. Being several sermons preached immediately after those of The evil of sin by the same author. And now published by Philip Nye, William Greenhill, William Bridge, William Adderly, Matth. Mead, C. Helmes.

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printed for Dor. Newman, and are to be sold at his shop at the Chirugions Arms in Little Brittain near the Hospital-gate, 1668
Year Published
Wing (2nd ed., 1994), B6081; ESTC Citation R4316
[8], 220, [12] p.; 4⁰.
Scripture Text
Psalm 32:1

Published by Philip Nye, William Adderly, William Greenhill, Matthew Mead, William Bridge, C. Holmes