Light for smoke

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Light for smoke: or, A cleare and distinct reply by Iohn Ley, one of the Assembly of Divines at Westminster, to a darke and confused answer in a booke made, and intituled The smoke in the temple, by Iohn Saltmarsh, late preacher at Brasteed in Kent, now revolted both from his pastorall calling and charge. Whereto is added, Novello-mastix, or a scourge for a scurrilous news-monger.

City of Publication
printed by I.L. for Christopher Meredith, at the signe of the Crane in Pauls Church-yard, 1646.
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Wing (2nd ed.), L1883; Thomason, E.333[2];Thomason, E.333[3]; ESTC Citation R200742
[30], 97, [3], 21, [1] p.; 4⁰.