Secondary Sources ~ The Westminster Assembly

A Study of the Scottish Covenanters on Church Government by Su, Yohahn (WA)
Address from the committee of Synod to the office-bearers and members of the Presbyterian church of Canada on the subject of the commemoration of the Westminster assembly by Presbyterian Church of Canada and Church of Scotland, (WA)
Addresses at the celebration of the two hundred fiftieth Anniversary of the Westminster Assembly, by the general assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America by Roberts, William H. (WA)
Addresses delivered at the Westminster Celebration of the Synod of Alabama convened at Tuscaloosa, Ala., December 8, 1897. by Davis and Curry, E. P. and A. B. (WA)
Aërius redivivus: or the history of the Presbyterians. Containing the beginnings, progresse, and successes of that active sect. Their oppositions to monarchical and episcopal government. Their innovations in the church; and their imbroilments of the kingdoms and estates of Christendom in the pursuit of their designs. From the year 1536 to the year 1647. By Peter Heylyn, D.D. and chaplain to Charles I. and Charles II. monarchs of Great Britain. The second edition. London: printed by Robert Battersby for Christopher Wilkinson at the Black Boy over against S. Dunstans Church, and Thomas Archer under the Dial of S. Dunstans Church in Fleetstreet, and John Crosley in Oxford, 1672. by Heylyn, Peter (WA)
An answer to the eight quries [sic] propounded by the House of Commons, to the assembly called divines, sitting at Westminster, April. 22. 1646: never to this day by them answered, nor called to an accompt by the Parliament, for their ignorane or negligence therein by Barber, Edward (WA)
An answer without a question: or, The late schismatical petition for a diabolicall toleration of seuerall religions expounded. Being presented to the juncto at Westminster, August 16, 1646. By Colonel Pride and Lieutenant Colonel Goffe, and others; by the appointment of the Lord Fairfax their general. With some observations upon the mistery of their iniquity; and the juncto’s answer thereto. Written by that reverend divine, Doctor Holdisworth, a little before his death; and by him desired to be brought to publick view. London: printed in the blessed yeer of the admission of the Turkish Alcaron into this kingdom, 1649. by Holdsworth, Richard (WA)
An Assembly of Theonomists? The Teaching of the Westminster Divines on the Law of God by Ferguson, Sinclair B. (WA)
Anglicans, Anarchists and the Westminster Assembly: the Making of a Pulpit Theology by Van Dixhoorn, Chad B. (WA)
Anthony Burgess and the Westminster doctrine of assurance by Master, Jonathan Lair (WA)