Secondary Sources ~ The Westminster Confession of Faith

A Study Book on the Westminster Confession: G. I. Williamson, The Westminster Confession of Faith for Study Classes by Busch, Calvin A. (WCF)
A summary of doctrines, taken from the Wesminister [sic] Confession of faith, adopted as the creed of the church in Bristol, and here expressed by question and answer, with Scripture proofs by Congregational Church (Bristol, Me.), (WCF)
A Theological and Biblical Reflection of Religious Liberty by Caper, C. B. (WCF)
A Woman Looks at the Confession of Faith by Patterson, Jeanne T. (WCF)
Affinity Marriages in reference to the Bible and the Westminster Confession of Faith by Anonymous, (WCF)
Amyraut at the Assembly: The Westminster Confession of Faith and the Extent of the Atonement by Troxel, A. Craig (WCF)
An apology for the Northern Presbyterians in Ireland: wherein requiring a subscription to the Westminster Confession of Faith, as a condition of ministerial communion among them is justify’d : in answer to the Seasonable advice from Dublin and other late performances : publish’d in opposition to the practice of the best Reform’d Churches, relating to creeds and confessions by Mastertown, Charles (WCF)
An enquiry into the truth of the imputation of the guilt of Adam’s first sin to his posterity. Being the substance of several private lectures in Harvard College, on the third article in the sixth chapter of the Westminster confession of faith by Wigglesworth, Edward (WCF)
An Exposition of The Confession of Faith by Shaw, Robert (WCF)
An exposition of the Confession of Faith of the Westminster Assembly of divines by Shaw, Robert (WCF)