Secondary Sources ~ 1640s

A brief apologie for the sequestred clergie. VVherein (among other things) this case of conscience is judiciously handled: whether any minister of the Church of England may (to avoid sequestration) omit the publike use of the liturgie, and submit to the directory. In a letter from a sequestred divine, to Mr. Stephen Marshall by Allington, John (DPW)
A directory for the publique worship of God, throughout the three kingdoms of England, Scotland, and Ireland : together with an ordinance of parliament for the taking away of the Book of Common-Prayer and for establishing and observing of this present directory throughout the Kingdom of England, and dominion of Wales : with propositions concerning church government and ordination of ministers by Roborough, Henry (DPW)
A scourge for the directorie, and the revolting synod. Which hath sitten this 5. yeares, more for foure shillings a day, then for conscience sake. By Judge Jenkins by Jenkins, David (DPW)
A sermon preached at Lambeth, April 21, 1645, at the funerall of that learned and polemicall divine, Daniel Featley, doctor in divinity, late preacher there, with a short relation of his life and death by Loe, William (Biography)
A view of the new directory and a vindication of the ancient liturgy of the Church of England; in answer to the reasons pretended in the ordinance and preface, for the abolishing the one, and establishing the other by Hammond, Henry (DPW)
Accusation of Dr. Arrowsmith, Mr. of Johns Colledge in Cambridge. By petition of Robert Waideson Esquire and doctor in physick of the University in Cambridge. With the grounds thereof. Unto the right honourable the Commons of England assembled in Parliament by Waideson, Robert (Biography)
An answer to the eight quries [sic] propounded by the House of Commons, to the assembly called divines, sitting at Westminster, April. 22. 1646: never to this day by them answered, nor called to an accompt by the Parliament, for their ignorane or negligence therein by Barber, Edward (WA)
An answer without a question: or, The late schismatical petition for a diabolicall toleration of seuerall religions expounded. Being presented to the juncto at Westminster, August 16, 1646. By Colonel Pride and Lieutenant Colonel Goffe, and others; by the appointment of the Lord Fairfax their general. With some observations upon the mistery of their iniquity; and the juncto’s answer thereto. Written by that reverend divine, Doctor Holdisworth, a little before his death; and by him desired to be brought to publick view. London: printed in the blessed yeer of the admission of the Turkish Alcaron into this kingdom, 1649. by Holdsworth, Richard (WA)
Observations upon the ordinance of the Lords and Commons at Westminster after advice had with their Assembly of Divines for the ordination of ministers pro tempore, according to their directory for ordination and rules for examination therein expressed, die Mercurii 2 Octob., 1644 by Boughen, Edward (DCG)
Questions propunded to the Assembly by the House of Commons April ultimo 1646, touching the point of Jus divino, etc. by House of Commons, (WA)