Secondary Sources ~ 1670s

A most familiar explanation of the Assemblies shorter catechism by Alleine, Joseph (WSC)
Aërius redivivus: or the history of the Presbyterians. Containing the beginnings, progresse, and successes of that active sect. Their oppositions to monarchical and episcopal government. Their innovations in the church; and their imbroilments of the kingdoms and estates of Christendom in the pursuit of their designs. From the year 1536 to the year 1647. By Peter Heylyn, D.D. and chaplain to Charles I. and Charles II. monarchs of Great Britain. The second edition. London: printed by Robert Battersby for Christopher Wilkinson at the Black Boy over against S. Dunstans Church, and Thomas Archer under the Dial of S. Dunstans Church in Fleetstreet, and John Crosley in Oxford, 1672. by Heylyn, Peter (WA)
An explanation of the shorter catechism composed by the assembly of divines at Westminster, 1647: with a plan and familiar method of instructing the younger sort in that catechism by Lye, Thomas (WSC)
Exodus, or, The decease of holy men and ministers consider’d in the nature, certainty, causes, and improvement thereof : a sermon preach’t Sept. 12. 1675 : by occasion of the much lamented death of that learned and reverend minister of Christ, Dr. Lazarus Seaman … by Jenkyn, William (Biography)
The confession of faith; and, The larger and shorter catechism first agreed upon by the Westminster Assembly of Divines at Westminster, and now approved by the General Assembly of the kirk of Scotland to be a part of uniformity in religion between the kirks of Christ in the three kingdoms by Dickson, David (WCF, WLC, WSC)
The dead saint speaking. Or, a sermon preached upon occasion of the death of that eminent man, Mr Matthew Newcomen, sometimes minister of the gospel at Dedham in Essex: who dyed at Leyden. Wherein is succinctly discoursed (to a popular auditory in Dedham) what instructions are given and sealed to the living, by the death of the righteous servants of God. By J. F. Minister of the Gospel by Fairfax, John (Biography)
The life and death of Mr. Thomas Wilson, minister of Maidstone in the county of Kent by Swinnock, George (Biography)
The Reform’d Samaritan: or the Worship of God by the Measures of Spirit and Truth. Preached for a Visitation-Sermon at the Convention of the Clergy. by Allington, John (DPW)