Secondary Sources ~ 1890s

“Ought the Confession of Faith to be Revised.” A series of papers by J. DeWitt, H. J. VanDike, B. B. Warfield, W. G. T. Shed by Warfield, B. B. (WCF)
“The Significance of the Westminster Standards as a Creed.” An Address Delivered before the Presbytery of New York by Warfield, B. B. (WCF)
A Commentary on the Shorter Catechism by Whyte, Alexander (WSC)
A new directory for the public worship of God: founded on the Book of common order, 1560-64, and the Westminster directory, 1643-45 by Free Church of Scotland, (DPW)
Addresses at the celebration of the two hundred fiftieth Anniversary of the Westminster Assembly, by the general assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America by Roberts, William H. (WA)
Addresses delivered at the Westminster Celebration of the Synod of Alabama convened at Tuscaloosa, Ala., December 8, 1897. by Davis and Curry, E. P. and A. B. (WA)
Confessional revision: being a collection of 395 articles that have appeared in the religious press between September, 1887, and October 1890, on the subject of revising the Westminster Confession of Faith by Gilman, Winthrop S. (WCF)
Directory for the public worship of God: on the basis of that agreed upon by the Assembly of Divines at Westminster, A.D. 1644 ; recommended for use in the Presbyterian Church of England by the Synod, 1898 by Presbyterian Church of England, (DPW)
How shall we revise the Westminster confession of faith? by Evans, Llelwelyn John (WCF)
How shall we revise the Westminster Confession of Faith?: a bundle of papers by Briggs, Charles A. (WCF)