Secondary Sources ~ Sermon

A discourse in commemoration of the bicentenary of the Westminster Assembly: preached to the congregation of the Presbyterian Church, Petersburg, Virginia, on Sabbath morning, July 2, 1843 : together with a discourse on predestination, preached to the same congregation, Sabbath morning, June 18th, 1843 by Leyburn, John (WA)
A sermon preached at Lambeth, April 21, 1645, at the funerall of that learned and polemicall divine, Daniel Featley, doctor in divinity, late preacher there, with a short relation of his life and death by Loe, William (Biography)
Exodus, or, The decease of holy men and ministers consider’d in the nature, certainty, causes, and improvement thereof : a sermon preach’t Sept. 12. 1675 : by occasion of the much lamented death of that learned and reverend minister of Christ, Dr. Lazarus Seaman … by Jenkyn, William (Biography)
Gray hayres crowned with grace: a sermon preached at Redrith near London, Aug. 1, 1654 at the funerall of that Reverend, eminently learned and faithfull minister of Jesus Christ, Mr. Thomas Gataker by Ashe, Simeon (Biography)
The 250th anniversary of the Westminster Assembly of Divines: a sermon … 28th November, 1897 …Londonderry, Pr. at the “Standard” Office, 1897. by Kinnear, John (WA)
The eternal pledge of progress: a sermon preached at the Old South Church, Boston, Sunday morning, April 30, 1899 : together with the action of the church in setting aside the Westminster Confession of Faith by Gordon, George A. (WCF)
The fight of afflictions of our fathers; a sermon on the bi-centenary of the Westminster assembly, preached in the First Presbyterian Church, Elizabeth-town, July 9th, 1843 by Murray, Nicholas (WA)
The Reform’d Samaritan: or the Worship of God by the Measures of Spirit and Truth. Preached for a Visitation-Sermon at the Convention of the Clergy. by Allington, John (DPW)
The Westminster Assembly and Confession of Faith: a sermon preached in the Frederick Presbyterian Church, Feb. 20, 1898, by the pastor by Dixon, Thomas F. (WCF)
The Westminster Assembly and standards, 1643-1652 : a series of four historical sermons preached in the Central Presbyterian Church, McKeesport, Pa., October, 1943 by Robb, Edmond E. (WA)