Secondary Sources

The Works of Thomas Goodwin. Vol. 9, a Discourse of Election, a Discourse of Thankfulness Thomas Goodwin by Scott N. Kindred-Barnes (Studies of Westminster Divines)
The worship of God by Malcolm H. Watts (DPW)
The Worst Kind of Thievery?: The Puritan Servant-Slave Social Ethic in Richard Baxter and William Gouge by Maarten Kuivenhoven (Studies of Westminster Divines)
The Young Man’s Instructor, And the Old Man’s Remembrancer: or Controversies and Practical Truths, fitted to the capacity of Children, and the more Ignorant sort of People. Being done in a Catechetical Exercise, on the Lord’s Day, in Explaining the Questions of the Reverend Assemblies Shorter Catechism…Together with a practical application of the Truth confirmed: in both the Help to Masters of Families, in the Instructing of their Children and Servants in the Truths of the Gospel, and applying them to their Ministers Labours among their People by Thomas Doolittle (WSC)
Theodore Bathurst and Jeremiah Burroughs by S. W. Carruthers (Biography)
Theological determinism and the goodness of God by Matthew James Hart (WCF)
Theological Perspectives on Theonomy Part 2: Nondispensational Responses to Theonomy by Robert P. Lightner (WCF)
Theological Symbolics by Charles A. Briggs (WCF)
Theologically united and divided: the political covenantalism of Samuel Rutherford and John Milton by Andries Raath (Studies of Westminster Divines)
Theology of the Westminster Symbols: A Commentary Historical Doctrinal Practical on the Confession of Faith and Catechisms and the Related Formularies of the Presbyterian Churches by Edward D. Morris (WCF)