Primary Sources ~ St. Pauls

A demonstration of the day of judgment, against atheists & hereticks (1657) by Anthony Burgess
A good day well improved, or Five sermons upon Acts 9. 31 (1656) by Anthony Tuckney
A late great shipwrack of faith: occasioned by a fearful vvrack of conscience (1655) by Daniel Cawdrey
A motive to peace and love (1649) by Humphrey Chambers
A sermon preached in St. Paul’s before the right honorable the Lord Mayor (1678) by Edward Reynolds
A sermon preached in the cathedrall church of S. Paul. On the fourteenth day of November. 1641 (1641) by Thomas Westfield
A state of glory for spirits of just men upon dissolution, demonstrated (1657) by Thomas Goodwin
A thanksgiving sermon (1648) by Stephen Marshall
A treatise of self-judging, in order to the worthy receiving of the Lords Supper (1658) by Anthony Burgess
A voice from heaven, calling the people of God to a perfect separation from mystical Babylon (1654) by William Strong
Clavis mystica: a key opening divers difficult and mysterious texts of Holy Scripture (1636.) by Daniel Featley
Englands face in Israels glasse: or, The sinnes mercies judgements of both nations (1646) by Thomas Westfield
Forty sermons upon several occasions by the late reverend and learned Anthony Tuckney, D.D. (1676) by Anthony Tuckney
God’s eternal preparations for his dying saints (1648) by Thomas Hill
Joy in the Lord: opened in a sermon preached at Pauls, May 6 (1655) by Edward Reynolds
Mercies memoriall. Set out in a sermon preached in Paul’s Church, Novemb. 17. 1644 (1645) by William Gouge
Oppressor destroyed. As it was delivered in a sermon at Pauls Septem. 21. 1651 (1651) by Joseph Caryl
Peitharchia obedience to magistrates (1656) by Richard Vines
Reall thankfulnesse: or, A sermon preached in Pauls Church London, upon the second day of November, 1645 (1645) by Simeon Ashe
Sensuality dissected; or, the epicure’s motto opened, censured, improved (1657) by Thomas Case