Primary Sources ~ 1643

An extraordinary deliverance, from a cruell plot, and bloudy massacre contrived by the malignants in Bristoll, for the delivering up the said city to Prince Rupert and his forces; but discovered by Gods goodnesse two houres before it should have beene acted, the chiefe conspirators taken, and imprisoned in the castle (1643) by Nathaniel Fiennes
An handfull of gleanings out of the Book of Exodus (1643) by John Lightfoot
Articles of impeachment and accusation (1643) by Nathaniel Fiennes
Babylons ruine, Jerusalems rising. Set forth in a sermon preached before the Honourable House of Commons (1643) by Henry Wilkinson, Jr.
Colonell Fiennes his reply to a pamphlet entitvled, An answer to Colonell Nathaniel Fiennes relation concerning his surrender of the city and castle of Bristol by Clem. Walker (1643) by Nathaniel Fiennes
Colonell Fiennes letter to my Lord General, concerning Bristol (1643) by Nathaniel Fiennes
Davids prayer for Solomon (1643) by Joseph Caryl
Davids song of three parts: delivered in a sermon preached before the right Honorable the House of Lords (1643) by Charles Herle
Elias redivivus: a sermon preached before the honorable House of Commons (1643) by John Lightfoot
Englands patterne and duty in it’s monthly fasts presented in a sermon, preached to both Houses of Parliament (1643) by William Spurstowe
Gospell courage, or Christian resolution for God, and his truth (1643) by Andrew Perne
Haman’s vanity, or, A sermon displaying the birthlesse issues of church-destroying adversaries (1643) by Obadiah Sedgwick
Having lately seene a pamphlet mis-called a sermon, and fathered upon my name (1643) by John Bond
In the high court of Parliament the 17. of February (1643) by Benjamin Rudyerd
Ioabs counsell and King Davids seasonable hearing it (1643) by William Bridge
Jerichoes dovvn-fall, as it was presented in a sermon preached in St. Margarets Westminster (1643) by Thomas Wilson
Jerusalems watch-men, the Lords remembrancers (1643) by Matthew Newcomen
On the sad losse of the truly honourable Robert Lord Brook an elegie, to his vertuous and noble lady (1643) by John Wallis
Prayers prevalencie for Israels safety (1643) by Thomas Carter
Reformation’s preservation: opened in a sermon at Westminster before the honourable House of Commons (1643) by Sidrach Simpson