Primary Sources ~ 1643

The militant church, triumphant over the dragon and his angels (1643) by Thomas Hill
The necessity and encouragement, of utmost venturing for the churches help (1643) by Herbert Palmer
The noble-mans patterne of true and reall thankfulnesse (1643) by Edmund Calamy
The Psalms of David in English meeter (1643) by Francis Rous
The rise, growth, and danger of Socinianisme (1643) by Francis Cheynell
The Scriptures plea for magistrates (1643) by Henry Hammond
The song of Moses the servant of God, and the song of the Lambe (1643) by Stephen Marshall
The states stability (1643) by John Bond
The true copies of a certificate under Colonell Fienns own hand, dated July 17. 1643 (1643) by Nathaniel Fiennes
The true copy of the letter which was sent from divers ministers by Mr. Marshall, and Mr. Nye to the Generall Assembly of Scotland (1643) by Stephen Marshall
The truth of the times vindicated (1643) by William Bridge
The two witnesses: discovered in severall sermons upon the eleventh chapter of the Revelation (1643) by Francis Wookcock
The upright Protestant, as he was reformed from the superstitious errours of popery in the happy reignes of Edward the 6th (1643) by Herbert Palmer
The woe and weale of Gods people (1643) by John Conant
Three speeches delivered at a common-hall (1643) by Edward Montagu
Truth tried: or, Animadversions on a treatise published by the Right Honorable Robert Lord Brook (1643) by John Wallis
Tvvo speeches spoken by the Earl of Manchester, and Jo: Pym Esq (1643) by Edward Montagu
Two speeches (1643) by Henry Vane, Jr.
Two speeches delivered before the subscribing of the Covenant, the 25. of September (1643) by Philip Nye
Two speeches spoken at a common hall, Octob. 27. 1643. 1. By Sir Henry Vane. 2. By Master Marshall (1643) by Stephen Marshall