Primary Sources ~ 1644

Ahab’s fall by his prophets flatteries: being the substance of three sermons, upon I. King. 22. 22 (1644) by Charles Herle
An arke against a deluge: or, Saftey in dangerous times (1644) by Obadiah Sedgwick
An epistolary discourse (1644) by John Dury
Aulicus his dream, of the Kings sudden comming to London. (1644) by Francis Cheynell
Certaine select cases resolved (1644) by Thomas Goodwin
Chillingvvorthi novissima (1644) by Francis Cheynell
Christ’s warning-piece: giving notice to every one to watch, and keep their garments (1644) by Francis Woodcock
Considerations of present use concerning the danger resulting from the change of our church government· (1644) by Henry Hammond
Divine cordials: delivered in ten sermons (1644) by Josias Shute
Dr Burges his case, as lecturer in Pauls (1644) by Cornelius Burges
Englands eminent judgments, caus’d by the abuse of Gods eminent mercies (1644) by William Spurstowe
Gemitus columbæ: the mournfull note of the dove (1644) by John Langley
Gods rising, his enemies scattering (1644) by Thomas Case
Gods unusuall answer to a solemne fast (1644) by Thomas Coleman
Gods vvork of mercy, in Sions misery; laid out in a sermon preached before the Honourable House of Commons (1644) by John Strickland
Gods warning to England by the voyce of his rod. Delivered in a sermon (1644) by Henry Scudder
Heaven ravished: or A glorious prize, atchieved by an heroicall enterprize (1644) by Henry Hall
Hopes incouragement pointed at in a sermon, preached in St. Margarets Westminster (1644) by Thomas Young
Huls pillar of providence erected (1644) by Thomas Coleman
Immanuel, or The church triumphing in God with us. A sermon preached before the Right Honorable House of Lords (1644) by John Strickland