Primary Sources ~ 1645

Madam, although my former freedom in writing might rather give me occasion to beg pardon for a fault committed (1645) by John Dury
Mercies memoriall. Set out in a sermon preached in Paul’s Church, Novemb. 17. 1644 (1645) by William Gouge
Mercy rejoycing against judgement: or, God waiting to be gracious to a sinfull nation (1645) by John Strickland
Moderation justified, and the Lords being at hand emproved, in a sermon (1645) by Thomas Thorowgood
Nihil respondes: or, A discovery of the extream unsatisfactorinesse of Master Colemans peece (1645) by George Gillespie
Occasus occidentalis: or, Job in the Vvest (1645) by John Bond
Of a late, or, a death-bed repentance (1645) by Henry Hammond
Of sinnes of vveaknesse, vvilfulnesse, and appendant to it (1645) by Henry Hammond
Of svperstition (1645) by Henry Hammond
Oriens ab occidente: or, A dawning in the vvest. (1645) by John Bond
Phinehas’s zeal in execution of judgement. Or, A divine remedy for Englands misery (1645) by Edmund Staunton
Reall thankfulnesse: or, A sermon preached in Pauls Church London, upon the second day of November, 1645 (1645) by Simeon Ashe
Romes cruelty & apostacie (1645) by Anthony Burgess
Sabbatum redivivum. Part 1 (1645) by Daniel Cawdrey
Temple-defilers defiled, vvherein a true visible Church of Christ is described (1645) by Richard Byfield
The ancient bounds (1645) by Francis Rous
The arraignment of unbelief, as the grand cause of our nationall non-establishment (1645) by Joseph Caryl
The childes trade or; The beginning of the doctrine of Christ (1645) by Thomas Wilson
The Christians great design on earth, is, to attain assurance for heaven (1645) by Jeremiah Whittaker
The Christians hope triumphing (1645) by Jeremiah Whittaker