Primary Sources ~ 1645

The church sinking, saved by Christ. Set out in a sermon preached before the Right Honourable the House of Lords (1645) by Simeon Ashe
The door of truth opened: or, A brief and true narrative of the occasion how Mr Henry Burton came to shut himself out of the church-doors of Aldermanbury: (1645) by Edmund Calamy
The good of a good government, and well grounded peace (1645) by John Foxcroft
The good-vvill of him that dwelt in the bush: or, The extraordinary happinesse of living under an extraordinary providence (1645) by John Ward
The happinesse of Israel. As it was set forth in a sermon preached to both the honourable Houses of Parliament (1645) by Richard Vines
The man of honour (1645) by Francis Cheynell
The necessity of agreement with God (1645) by Cornelius Burges
The principles of Christian religion sumarily sett dovvne according to the word of God (1645) by James Ussher
The progresse of divine providence (1645) by William Gouge
The reformation of the church to be endeavoured more then that of the common-wealth (1645) by Anthony Burgess
The right separation incouraged (1645) by Thomas Hill
The ruine of the authors and fomentors of civill vvarres (1645) by Samuel Gibson
The second sermon, preached to the Honourable House of Commons, April 30. 1645 (1645) by Cornelius Burges
The spirit convincing of sinne. Opened in a sermon before the Honorable House of Commons (1645) by Peter Sterry
The strong helper or, The interest, and power of the prayers of the destitute, for the building up of Sion (1645) by Stephen Marshall
The true bounds of Christian freedome (1645) by Samuel Bolton
The tryal and triumph of faith (1645) by Samuel Rutherford
Tracts (1645) by Henry Hammond
True religion in the old way of piety and charity (1645) by Robert Harris
Two sermons preached to the Honourable House of Commons…March 30. 1642. the other, April 30. 1645 (1645) by Cornelius Burges