Primary Sources ~ 1654

A demonstration of the necessity of settling some Gospel-government amongst the churches of Christ in this nation (1654) by John Dury
A discours apologetical; wherein Lilies lewd and lowd lies in his Merlin or Pasqil for the yeer 1654. are cleerly laid open (1654) by Thomas Gataker
A reply to the Catholick gentlemans Ansvver to the most materiall parts of the booke of Schisme (1654) by Henry Hammond
A sermon of the fifth monarchy (1654) by Thomas Goodwin
A summarie platform of the heads of a body of practicall divinity (1654) by John Dury
A vindication of the dissertations concerning episcopacie (1654) by Henry Hammond
A voice from heaven, calling the people of God to a perfect separation from mystical Babylon (1654) by William Strong
An acquittance or discharge from Dr E.H. his demand of a fifth part of the rectory of Barks (1654) by John Ley
An ansvver to the animadversions on the dissertations touching Ignatius’s epistles, and the episcopacie in them asserted. (1654) by Henry Hammond
An apology for the ministers of the county of Wilts, in their actings at the election of Members for the approaching Parliament (1654) by Humphrey Chambers
An earnest plea for a Gospel-communion in the way of godliness (1654) by John Dury
Annales (1654) by James Ussher
Annales Veteris Testamenti. Pars posterior (1654) by James Ussher
Catechesis elenctica errorum qui hodie vexant Ecclesiam, ex nudis sacræ Scripturæ testimoniis (1654) by Robert Baillie
Christ the riches of the Gospel, and the hope of Christians (1654) by Simeon Ashe
Clavis apocalyptica ad incudem revocata (1654) by William Strong
Concordiæ inter evangelicos quærendæ consilia (1654) by John Dury
Diatribe triplex: or A threefold exercitation, concerning 1. Superstition. 2. Will-worship. 3. Christmas festivall (1654) by Daniel Cawdrey
Elisha his lamentation, upon the suddain translation of Elijah (1654) by Obadiah Sedgwick
Gods glory in mans happiness: with the freeness of his grace in electing us (1654) by Francis Taylor