Primary Sources ~ 1656

A case of conscience, whether it be lawful to admit Jews into a Christian common-wealth? (1656) by John Dury
A commentary upon the three first chapters of the first book of Moses called Genesis (1656) by John White
A debate concerning the English liturgy, both as established in & as abolished out of the worship of God (1656) by John Ley
A golden topaze, or, Heart-jewell (1656) by Francis Whiddon
A good day well improved, or Five sermons upon Acts 9. 31 (1656) by Anthony Tuckney
A healing question propounded and resolved (1656) by Henry Vane, Jr.
A parænesis. Or, Seasonable exhortatory to all true sons of the Church of England (1656) by Henry Hammond
A treatise of civil policy (1656) by Samuel Rutherford
An explication of the CX pslam (1656) by Edward Reynolds
An exposition with practical observations upon the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh chapters of the Book of Job (1656) by Joseph Caryl
Communion with God in ordinances, the saints priviledge and duty (1656) by William Strong
CXLV expository sermons upon the whole 17th chapter of the Gospel according to St John (1656) by Anthony Burgess
Death and the grave no bar to believers happinesse (1656) by William Spurstowe
Deuterai phrontides (1656) by Henry Hammond
Due correction for Mr Hobbes (1656) by John Wallis
Ektene’steron. Or The degrees of ardency in Christs prayer reconciled with his fulnesse of habitual grace (1656) by Henry Hammond
Heavenly treasure, or Mans chiefest good (1656) by William Strong
Lyford’s legacie; or, An help to young people (1656) by William Lyford
Operum mathematicorum pars altera: qua continentur de angulo contactus & semicirculi, disquisitio geometrica (1656) by John Wallis
Operum mathematicorvm Johannes Wallisi. (1656) by John Wallis