Primary Sources ~ 1658

A discourse of disputations chiefly concerning matters of religion (1658) by John Ley
A patterne for all (1658) by Edmund Calamy
A sermon preached at the funerals of the reverend and faithful servant of Jesus Christ in the work of the Gospel, Mr. Samuel Collins (1658) by Matthew Newcomen
A sermon touching the use of humane learning (1658) by Edward Reynolds
A survey of the Survey of that summe of church-discipline penned by Mr. Thomas Hooker (1658) by Samuel Rutherford
A treatise of original sin (1658) by Anthony Burgess
A treatise of self-judging, in order to the worthy receiving of the Lords Supper (1658) by Anthony Burgess
An English-Greek grammar (1658) by Joseph Caryl
An exposition continued upon the XX, XXI, XXII, XXIII, XXIV, XXV, XXVI, XXVII, XXVIII, and XXIX, chapters of the prophet Ezekiel (1658) by William Greenhill
An information concerning the present state of the Jewish nation in Europe and Judea (1658) by John Dury
Capel’s remains (1658) by Richard Capel
Eliah’s abatement: or, corruption in the saints (1658) by Thomas Case
Examen quotidianum Ymboliad beunyddiol (1658) by James Ussher
Grapes from Canaan; or The believers present taste of future glory (1658) by Francis Taylor
Impensæ I. In chorographiam aliquam terræ Israeliticæ. II. In Evangelium S. Matthæi. III. In Evangelium S. Iohannis (1658) by John Lightfoot
In Evangelium Sancti Matthæi Horæ Hebraicæ et Talmudicæ (1658) by John Lightfoot
Independency further proved to be a schism. Or, A survey of Dr Owens review of his tract of schism (1658) by Daniel Cawdrey
Jesus Christ Gods shepherd, and the man gods fellow, on Zach. 13. 7 (1658) by William Strong
Lettre du sieur Jean Dury touchant l’estat présent de la religion en Angleterre, Escosse et Irlande (1658) by John Dury
Mr. St. John’s case, as it stood before the Lords Commissioners of the Great Seale, Lord Keeble, and Lord Lisle (1658) by Oliver St. John