Primary Sources ~ 1660

A declaration of John Durie, a minister of Jesus Christ to witness the gospell of peace (1660) by John Dury
A letter from Sir Henry Vane to Sir Arthur Hasilrig (1660) by Henry Vane, Jr.
A seasonable exhortation of sundry ministers in London to the people of their respective congregations. (1660) by Edward Reynolds
A sermon preached at a visitation held at Lin at Norfolk (1660) by William Strode
A sermon preached before the Kings Majesty at Whitehall on Friday the 22 of March anno 1660 (1660) by John Hacket
A vindication of the ancient liturgie of the Church of England (1660) by Henry Hammond
Aien alētheuein, or, A brief account of one suggestion of the Romanist against The dispatcher dispatched (1660) by Henry Hammond
An answer of Humphrey Chambers, D. D. rector of Pewsey, in the county of VVilts, to the charge of Walter Bushnel (1660) by Humphrey Chambers
Beames of former light, discovering how evil it is to impose doubtfull and disputable formes or practises, upon ministers (1660) by Philip Nye
Charis kai eirēnē, or A pacifick discourse of Gods grace and decrees (1660) by Henry Hammond
Christ and the doves heavenly salutations, with their pleasant conference together (1660) by Samuel Rutherford
Christs napkin: or, A sermon preached in Kirkcubright at the Communion, May 12. 1633 (1660) by Samuel Rutherford
Chronologia sacra sive chronologia annorum regum Israelis & Judæ, ad calculum redacta et illustrata per Jacobum Usserium armachanum (1660) by James Ussher
Divine efficacy without humane power (1660) by Edward Reynolds
Earl of Manchesters speech to His Majesty, in the name of the peers, at his arrival at White-Hall (1660) by Edward Montagu
Featlæi palggenesia: or, Doctor Daniel Featley revived (1660) by Daniel Featley
Gods working and Brittains wonder (1660) by William Price
Gospel-revelation (1660) by Jeremiah Burroughs
Iacobi Usserii Armachani Chronologia Sacra (1660) by James Ussher
Jews in America, or Probabilities, that those Indians are Judaical (1660) by Thomas Thorowgood